Make the Sentence in English for Kids

What is sentence?

A sentence is a group of words that make complete sense or meaning.

FriendHe is my friend.
I play with my friend.
We are best friends.
HappyI am happy.
The clown makes me happy.
The sun makes me happy.
SadI am sad.
The sad movie made me cry.
She looks sad.
BigThe elephant is big.
I have a big house.
The truck is big.
SmallThe ant is small.
I have a small toy.
The ladybug is small.
DogThe dog barks loudly.
I love playing with my dog.
My dog’s name is Max.
CatThe cat sleeps all day.
I have a fluffy white cat.
My dog likes to chase cat.
BallI kick the ball.
The ball is red.
I catch the ball.
School I go to school to learn new things.
My school has a playground.
My friends and I play games at school.
RunI run fast.
We run in the park.
The dog can run.
EatI eat apples.
She eats pizza.
The cat eats fish.
HotThe sun is hot.
I like hot soup.
The tea is hot.
ColdThe ice is cold.
I wear a coat when it’s cold.
The snow is cold.
GoodThis is a good book.
She is a good friend.
The food tastes good.
BadThis is a bad movie.
He has a bad habit.
The weather is bad.
FastThe car is fast.
I run fast.
The train is fast.
SlowThe turtle is slow.
I walk slow.
The snail is slow.
OpenI open the door.
The box is open.
She opens the window.
CloseI close my eyes.
The shop is close.
The door is close.
Song This song makes me happy!
Let’s sing our favorite song together.
Listen to the birds singing their song.
Flower Flowers are pretty.
Flowers grow in gardens.
Some flowers smell nice.
Brush A brush helps clean hair.
You can paint with a brush.
Brushes come in different sizes.
Light Light helps us see.
The sun gives us light.
Turn on the light when it’s dark.
Weather Weather is how it feels outside.
Weather can be sunny, rainy, or windy.
We check the weather before going out.
JumpYou can jump high or low.
Jumping is fun.
Be careful when you jump.
CakeCake is sweet and yummy.
You can have cake on birthdays.
There are many types of cake.
WaterWater is clear and wet.
We drink water to stay healthy.
Fish live in water.
GardenGardens have flowers and plants.
People grow vegetables in gardens.
You can play in a garden.
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