English Quiz

English Quiz for Kids

1. Fill in the blanks F_ _ W_ R.
2. Which animal says "meow"?
3. The sun shines ___ day.
4. The sky is ___.
5. What is the opposite of Summer?
6. What is the opposite of Hard?
7. What is the plural form of Fish?
8. Choose the singular form of the word Students?
9. Which letter comes between M and O?
10. What letter comes after "G"?
11. How many P comes in the word “PUPPY”?
12. Which English word is start with Z and ends with P?
13. What are the three words that start with P and end with A?
14. What is the opposite of the word “Empty”?
15. What is a similar word to FAST?
16. Which word rhymes with “DOG”?
17. Which word rhymes with “Cool”?
18. What is the past form of the verb Come?
19. What is the past form of the verb Climb?
20. Which is the correct spelled word?
21. Which is the 6th letter in English Alphabet?
22. How many seasons are there in a Year?
23. Which word means the same as "happy"?
24. "I saw three ___ in the zoo."
25. Fill in the blank - I ___ hungry.
English Quiz for Kids
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