Wild Animals that help us

Wild Animals that help us

Wild animals

Animals that live in forests are called wild animals. They like to live in their natural surroundings.

 Homes of wild animals

Wild animals live on land, trees, and in water. Animals like elephants, deer, giraffes, zebras, lions, and tigers live on land. Giraffe and zebra take shelter under the trees.

Animals like tortoises, hippopotamus, crocodiles,s, and frogs live on both lands and in water.

Animals like squirrels, lemurs, sloths, monkeys, and birds live on trees.

Animals like snakes, mongooses, rats, rabbits, and hare live in holes and burrows.

Eating habits of wild animals

Wild animals move around in search of food. They eat many types of food.

Animals like giraffes, elephants, zebras, deer, and rhinoceros eat grass and leaves of plants. These animals are called plant-eating animals.

Animals like lions, tigers, leopards, wolves, pythons, and snakes kill other animals and eat their flesh. These animals are called flesh-eating animals.

Animals like bear, crow, and rat eat both plants and the flesh of other animals.

Animals like jackal, fox, vulture, eagle, and kite eat the flesh of dead animals. These animals are called scavengers. They keep the forests clean.

Saving wild animals

Some animals such as rhinoceros, giant panda, snow leopard, etc., are called endangered animals as they are becoming less in number. People hunt these animals for their fur, teeth, horns, and bones. We need to save such animals.

Some animals that lived earlier are not found now. Such animals are called extinct animals.

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