Science Inventions GK for Kids

What is meant by Invention?

Invention is the process of discovering a new method, form, and device to do something.

What is meant, Inventor?

An inventor is a person who has invented a particular process or device as an occupation.

Famous Inventions List

1. Bicycle K. Macmillan (Kirkpatrick Macmillan)
2. Radio   G. Marconi (Guglielmo Marconi)
3. Telephone    Alexander Graham Bell  
4. Computer                                   Charles Babbage
5. Steam Engine      James Watt
6. TelevisionJohn Logie Baird
7. Fountain Pen  L.E. Waterman (Lewis Waterman)
8. Air ConditionerWillis Haviland Carrier  
9. Electric BulbThomas Alva Edison
10. Mobile PhoneMartin Cooper

1. Who invented the Bicycle?

Ans – K. Macmillan invented the Bicycle.

2. Who invented the Radio?

Ans – G. Marconi invented the Radio.

3. Who invented the Telephone?

Ans – Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone.

4. Who invented the Computer?

Ans – Charles Babbage invented the computer. He is also known as the father of the computer.

5. Who invented the Steam Engine?

Ans – James Watt invented the steam engine.

6. Who invented the Television?

Ans – John Logie Baird invented the Television.

7. Who invented the Fountain Pen?

Ans – Lewis Waterman invented the Fountain Pen.

8. Who invented the Air Conditioner?

Ans – Willis Haviland Carrier invented the Air Conditioner. 

9. Who invented the Electric Bulb?

Ans – Thomas Alva Edison invented the Electric Bulb.

10. Who invented the Mobile Phone?

Ans – Martin Cooper invented the mobile phone.

Science Invention Videos for kids

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