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A noun is a naming word

The name of something such as persons, places, animals, things, and feelings are nouns.

A person may be – Teacher, Doctor, Painter, or Farmer noun

every person has a name – Like Arush, Sreha.

Arush is a noun because Arush is the name of a boy.

Sreha is a noun because Sreha is the name of a girl.

Places like – Delhi, School, Garden, and Market are nouns.

Animals like – Dog, Cat, Tiger, and Lion are nouns.

Things like – Pen, Book, Table, and Bag are nouns.

Feelings like – Happy, Sad, Angry, and Pain are nouns.

In the sentence, you can use nouns as a subject or object.

Take a look at the example –

Sonu is going to school.

Here in the sentence, Soun is the subject and school is the object.

So, Sonu is the name of a boy here Sonu noun is used as a subject.

And school is also a noun used as an object.

Five different kinds of Noun

  1. Common Noun
  2. Proper Noun
  3. Collective Noun
  4. Abstract Noun
  5. Material Noun

Exercise on Noun  

1. I have a pen. (Pen is a name of a thing)

2. Our teacher is very good. (Teacher is the name of a profession of a person)

3. The dog is barking. (Dog is a name of a kind of animal)

4. She lost her Bag. (Bag is the name of the thing)

5. Rahul is Going to School. (Rahul is the name of the person)

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