Computer Quizzes for kids

1. In a bank computer is used for keeping the record of the.

Ans: Customers

2. Using a computer we can type.

Ans: Letters

3. We can watch ________ on computer.

Ans: Cartoons

4.  Computer is used for teaching various subjects in _______

Ans: Schools

5.  Computers are used for making bills at?

Ans: Malls

6. In _______ the books are published using computers.

Ans: The printing press

7.  In offices computer is used for maintaining ________

Ans: Records of employees

8.  It can be used for sending emails.

Ans: Computer

9.  We can listen to ________ in computers.

Ans: Music

10.  Computer is used in railways for

Ans: Reservation

11.  Computer is not used in.

Ans: Kitchen

12. Computer helps in entertainment to

(a) play games and listen to music

13. Computer never gets

Ans: Tired

14. Computer is used for booking tickets at

Ans: Airport

15. Doctor use a computer for.

Diagnosis of diseases

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