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Action Words

1.            Run 2.            Dance 3.            Eat 4.            Drink 5.            Sing 6.            Cry 7.            Hand Shake 8.            Talk 9.            Fight 10.         Clap 11.         Hug 12.         Bath 13.         Paint 14.         Sleep 15.         Write 16.         Listen 17.         Think 18.         Cut 19.         Jump 20.        â€¦

Continents of the world

7 Continent

Continents are a very large landmass of the earth.   The earth has 7 continents Seven continents of the world. Asia Africa North America South America Antarctica Europe Australia Asia is the biggest and Australia is the smallest. Asia Asia…

Fruits Name

Fruits name list Apple Mango Guava Grapes Banana Pomegranate Cucumber Cheery Pineapple Jackfruit Watermelon  Orange Pear Strawberry Papaya Kiwi Coconut Sweet lime Litchi Custard-apple Dates Lemon Starfruit Lime Sweet lime Tamarind Water-chestnut Wood apple fruits name video for kids

Science Inventions GK for Kids

Science Invention

What is meant by Invention? The invention is the process of discovering a new method, form, and device to do something. What is meant, Inventor? An inventor is a person who has invented a particular process or device as an…

Insects Name

Grasshopper Caterpillar Mosquito Butterfly Bee Beg Bug Centipede Cockroach Firefly Ant Bug Housefly Beetle Scorpion Spider Tick Maggot Dragonfly Snail Earthworm Cricket Termite Insects name video

ABC Alphabet


There are 26 letters in the English alphabet A to Z are 26 letters of the English alphabet. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V,…

Different Types of Doctors & Medical Specialists

Different types of doctors

Different Types of Doctors & Medical Specialists Veterinary Doctor – A veterinarian treats, cures, and prevents diseases in animals. Pediatrician – A pediatrician is a medical doctor specializing in treating infants, and children. Cardiologist – A cardiologist treats the cardiovascular…

Types of House


Housing We need a house to live in. the houses give us shelter and protect us from wind, heat, cold, rain, animals and thieves. We also keep our things safe in our house. Therefore, the house is a place where…

Animals that help us

animals that helps us

Animals that help us We see different types of animals around us. We keep some of them in our home and some others on the farm. Domestic animals We keep some animals such as cows, goats, buffalo, camels, horses, sheep,…

Input and Output device

Computer jpg

Input and Output Device Computer a machine  A computer is an electronic machine and looks like a television with a typewriter. It runs on electricity. Computer system A computer has four main parts. These are the CPU, monitor, keyboard, and…