Eating Benefits of vegetables

Eating benefits of vegetables for Kids Vegetables are parts of plants that are consumed by humans or other animals as food. Vegetables can be eaten either raw or cooked and play an important role in human nutrition. Vegetables are mostly low in fat and carbohydrates. Vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, water, and […]

Animals that help us

Animals that help us We see different types of animals around us. We keep some of them in our home and some others on the farm. Domestic animals We keep some animals such as cows, goats, buffalo, camels, horses, sheep, etc. in our homes or on farms. These animals are very helpful to us. These […]

Uses of Plants

USES OF PLANTS       Plants are very useful to us. Some plants give us food. Some plants give us other useful things. PLANTS GIVE US FOOD We eat vegetables, fruits, cereals and pulses from plants. VEGETABLES We eat different parts of plants as vegetables. ROOT We eat roots of some plants like carrot, radish, beetroot and […]

Plants around us

TYPES OF PLANT On the basis of shape and size, plants can be divided into the following types: Trees Shrubs Herbs Climbers Creepers 1. TREES Big and Strong plants are called trees. They have a hard and woody stem, called the trunk. Trees lives for many years. Trees like Gulmohar, banyan, neem, peepal, and mango […]

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