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Animal Sounds

Animals Sound Webp

Animals Sound list with Images Animals Sound list for kids Animals Sound 1. Alligator bellow 2. Ape gibber 3. Bat screech 4. Bee hum and buzz 5. Buffalo grunts 6. Butterfly clicking 7. Camel grunt 8. Cat meow 9. Chicken…

Opposite Words for Kids

Opposite words

Opposite words for kids Word Opposite word He She Good Bad Rich Poor Honest Dishonest Clever Fool Black White Down Up Fast Slow Boy Girl Light Dark Love Hate Day Night Open Close Tall Short Far Near Give Take Healthy…

Parts of Speech

Eight parts of speech

Parts of Speech PDF Free Download The eight parts of speech Noun – A noun is a naming word. It names a person, place, animal, thing, and feelings. Example – Aditya, Delhi, Tiger, Book, Person – Aditya is the name…