Bones and Muscles

Bones and muscles

Touch the different parts of your body with your fingers.

What do you feel?

Some parts of our body are hard and some part it is soft.

Hard parts are bones and soft parts are muscles.

Bones and muscles together form our body. The bones give a definite shape and support to your body. The bones of the body work along with muscles.

Let us know more about them.


Our body has 206 bones. They support and protect the inner parts of our body. Our thigh has the longest bone.


The bones in our body joined together to form a framework. This framework is called the skeleton. The skeleton gives shape and support to our body. We cannot stand straight without a skeleton.


The part of the body where two bones meet is called a joint. We can bend our body parts at joints like elbow joint, knee joint, wrist joint etc. joints help our body parts to move freely.


The soft and fleshy parts of our body below the skin are muscles. Muscles are attached to the bones. They help us to move our bones. There are about 640 muscles in our body. Bones and muscles unite together and help us to walk, run and exercise.


Regular exercise keeps our bones and muscles strong. Strong bones and muscles allow us to play, swim and work without getting tired. Outdoor games and yoga are good exercises for children.


Posture is the position of our body when we sit, stand and move. A good posture keeps our body in proper shape. It also keeps our bodies healthy. So, we should always stand, sit and walk in a straight and upright posture.

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