Articles A, An, The Quiz for Kids

Articles A, An, The Quiz for Kids

1.________ apple a day keeps the doctor away.
2. My sister wants ________ doll for her birthday.
3. ________ elephant is a very large animal.
4. Can I have ________ piece of cake, please?
5. I saw ________ shooting star last night.
6. My dad gave me ________ advice about saving money.
7. I need ________ new pencil for school.
8. ________ moon is very bright tonight.
9. We saw ________ dolphins swimming in the ocean.
10. Can you pass me ________ salt, please?
11. Can I have ________ orange juice, please?
12. ________ cat is sleeping on the sofa.
13. I need ________ pencil to write my name.
14. ________ elephant has a long trunk.
15. ________ apple is red and juicy.
16. My mom bought me ________ ice cream cone.
17. ________ boy is riding his bike in the park.
18. I saw ________ owl in the tree last night.
19. ________ ball is bouncing up and down.
20. Can you pass me ________ spoon, please?
21. My mom bought me ________ new toy.
22. ________ sun sets in the west.
23. I need ________ new pair of shoes.
24. ________ boy in the blue shirt is my friend.
25. John’s father works as _____ electrician.
Articles A, An, The Quiz for Kids
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