Animals that help us

Animals that help us

We see different types of animals around us. We keep some of them in our home and some others on the farm.

Domestic animals

We keep some animals such as cows, goats, buffalo, camels, horses, sheep, etc. in our homes or on farms. These animals are very helpful to us. These animals are called domestic animals. We have to provide food and shelter to them.

Uses of domestic animals

Domestic animals like horses, donkeys, ox, camels, and buffalo help us in carrying loads and ploughing fields. They also help us to move from one place to another.

Biogas is made from animal waste. It is used as fuel to cook food in villages. It is also used for lighting.

Useful things from animals

Domestic animals are very useful to us. They give us many useful things. Some of them are given here.


We get milk from cows, buffalo, goats, sheep, and camels. Drinking milk makes us strong and healthy. Food items like cheese, butter, ghee, curd, and ice cream are made from milk. These food items are called milk products.

We get eggs from hens and ducks.

We eat meat from animals like hens, fish, goats, sheep, and ducks.

Honey and wax

Honeybees live in beehives. We get honey and wax from beehives. Eating honey is good for our health. Beeswax is used in medicines and to make candles.


We get silk fibre or silk thread from silkworms. Silk fibres are used to make silk sarees, dresses, and scarves.


We get wool from the hair of sheep. Wool is used to make woolen clothes such as sweaters, gloves, scarves, etc.


We get leather from the skin of buffalo, cows, and camels. This leather is used to Make bags, jackets, belts, purses, and shoes.

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